Behind South of West

South of West is inspired by both soft and rugged outlines of the desert and sea. It’s 1970’s style silhouettes compounded with open weave laces and matte satins seize the sentiment of an unrestrained era. Plunge necklines, thigh high slits, and unexpected details like built in bodysuits capture the evolution of the modern and unfettered woman.  South of West sources both vintage and new fabrics to create gowns that tap in to the freedom and rebellion of this entirely new bridal period. 

There’s a place South of here, that’s red earth and a soft sea. A place you feel at home. Where the wind whips your hair, and the salt licks your skin. Miles of screaming saguaro could not bring you back to a still and silent Cortez. It’s a place where bones go to rest, to be free  

Welcome to South of West.


The Designer

I’ve had a longstanding affinity for shaking shit up. I am a self taught designer, and began my career in 2014 making swimwear. South of West came on a whim after years of trial and error. The process of dressmaking came so organically that I immediately fell in love. I grew up living between San Diego and Mexico and my appreciation for the desert and sea run deep. I use these collections to tell stories of strong and resilient women, who embody an adventurous spirit and are free from others perceptions.